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When we talk about gardening the subject ranges from fruit orchards to long boulevard plantings. Gardening practitioners may specialize themselves in growing only one type of plant or they may also practice mixed plantings that involve many various plants.

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Birds On The Fruit Tree- Bird Netting Is The Best Option

There is extremely common problem for every plant which is birds and their netting on the trees.

There are many solutions to solve this issue like plastic animals, wind chimes, scarecrows and highly reflective tape.

These entire things can be advantageous for this problem.

In my backyard, there are some cherry trees located, and I always struggle for birds. After implementing all the possible solutions, birds’ problem resolves perfectly but, unfortunately, this can only lasts for some months.

It seems that birds have a trend to grow up and get bolder as time goes by. When I try scarecrow, it is beneficial for me because birds stop to come near to that scarecrow, but after some days, I noticed that one bird is sitting on the head of scarecrow, and other is on his shoulder.

I am not against of cute birds in fact, I love to have them near my backyard, but I have already maintained a tree only for birds to come and eat but  these birds are not happy with what they are giving.

I have visited much gardening, which are selling, bird nets. I have planned to use one of the nets. This net is a giant net which covers whole your tree. It has holes about half inch wide. It is little difficult to install the net but once installed then there will be no birds on your tree.

I do not have revenge with birds but once upon a time I was walking near my yard, and what I saw two birds were kidnap in a net and they were dead. Honestly feel guilty, and at the same moment, I removed the netting from my tree because I do not want to protect the cherries by killing those little birds.

It makes me feel guilty to stop the birds from eating my cherries. I also took down the scarecrow, but after some days, one thing made me rethink of my decision.

That thing was fabric net called “tulle” which was selling on every fabric store. It has too small holes for birds to fit its head into. This net is also extremely cheap and easy to find.

Now my trees are under the prevention of tulle net (I must say that this net is harder to install than the bird net was). I was watching the tree each and every second that if a bird attempts to cross the net, I could help the bird from not to hurt.

I was extremely happy to see that no bird ever got caught. This net option is safer and cheaper alternative for netting. If someone has a problem of birds, then tulle netting is the best option to solve this problem.

There is a hint for everyone to make a tree for birds to let them eat fruits because sharing with birds is a healthy sign of a good gardener.

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