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There are also plants that are cultivated for human consumption. They are consumed as fruits, vegetables and herbs for medicinal purposes.

When we talk about gardening the subject ranges from fruit orchards to long boulevard plantings. Gardening practitioners may specialize themselves in growing only one type of plant or they may also practice mixed plantings that involve many various plants.

Gardening requires active participation of the practitioner and it usually requires intensive works and discipline.
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Let Your Hands Dirty In Making Compost

The gardeners never get worried about the dirtiness of their hands rather they are habitual in working with the plants, soil, rocks, fertilizer, soil conditioners etc.

Some of the gardening activities however, requires the gardener to wear the gloves especially in the composting process which the dirtiest of all gardening activities.

Composting is the ecological process in which the end product that look like the soil is obtained from the use of manure and wasteful household adding up with the air, nitrogen and water.

The composting substance is like the dark, powdery and soil like material that is used as the fertilizers, mulch and the soil conditioner. It feeds the soil that will eventually results in the growth of healthy plants.

For composting try to find out the place near your garden that would not destroy the over all look of your garden. You can also use the colored compost bin so to make the area look cleaner. The fenced and the corral area would be the best place.

The compost material must contain the 3:1 ratio of brown and green. The brown contains the carbon while the green have sufficient amount of nitrogen. The green elements can be the grass clippings while the brown can be the wood products or the dry leaves. Both will together make the compost file.

You do not need to take tension about the bad smell that would be resulted from the compost pile, as the proper ratio will ensure that the smell would not come out from the compost pile. It will not smell like rotten egg rather has mild earthy smell. If the smell is like the rotten egg than it means that you have not mixed the pile in the required ratio of green and brown or there might be something wrong with the pile.

The best way to avoid the smell is the proper mixing ratio of brown and green. Try to spread the layer of green first and two layers of brown over it, than again a layer of green component and than two of brown. Repeat the process unless you get the three feet long pile.
You can also add the new pile in the old bucket of the compost pile. This will help in making the process faster and helps in microbial activities to get start in the compost pile.

Also make sure that you have included the sufficient amount of water in the pile. This will ensure the quick break down of the materials in the pile. Add the water up till the level that the damp looks like the sponge. This will also make the hands dirty so be careful.

If you want to quicken up the decomposition process much quicker and faster you must have to turn the pile once in the week. This will let the air enter in the pile. The decomposition will be finished after the two months and will result in having the compost heap prepared. The raw material would not be in its original shape and color rather it will be properly mixed with other.

This is however the lengthy process but not difficult to be adopted.

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