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Gardening is simply the practice of cultivating plants. People grow ornamental plants to harvest their flowers, foliage, or to get dyes out of them. They are also grown for their overall appearance.

There are also plants that are cultivated for human consumption. They are consumed as fruits, vegetables and herbs for medicinal purposes.

When we talk about gardening the subject ranges from fruit orchards to long boulevard plantings. Gardening practitioners may specialize themselves in growing only one type of plant or they may also practice mixed plantings that involve many various plants.

Gardening requires active participation of the practitioner and it usually requires intensive works and discipline.
Here you'll find many tips and tricks that are related to gardening.

There are various methods, types and approaches to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. You can find all of them here.

You may want to learn what's the proper way to landscape the yard, choosing the right soil, maintain the plants, growing indoor gardens, and many many more.

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Some Ways To Reap The Benefits Of Cmposting Heaps

By taking good care of the compost for several months, keeping it away from the insects and the pets, damping the pile and turning over the pile every now and then, it is your desire to get the best out of it and to use the compost more effectively and rationally.

The right time to harvest the compost can be known by seeing that the original raw material has loosed its original shape.

The finished compost will be like dark, loose and earthy smell. It will look like the soil or humus. This is the best time to harvest the compost heap and give it the air exposure. The air will make it drier and easy to use.

If you have encountered any big chunks that are not decomposed yet put it again in the compost heap that you will make again. By the help of wire mesh you can strain the larger chunks that are not decomposed. 

There are many benefits associated with the compost that is why the gardeners also get fascinated towards it. The first advantage is that the soil structure gets improved. This will allow the plants’ roots to grab the soil more tightly and grow more. This process will also make the soil resistant from the runoff and the erosion. It also improves the water retention.

The compost also provide the with required minerals and nutrients that are essential for their growth. The compost also enhances and stabilizes the acidity level in the soil. That is why the gardener prefers to use the composting process.

After you have removed materials that are not decomposed properly, now the time is to decide where to use these decomposed materials.

The compost is used as the soil amendments here you apply the compost to the soil and let the soil to absorb all the essential minerals and the nutrients that are then used by the plants to grow. Compost can also be spread over the soil before the plantation take place. You can apply it on the surface of the plants.

Compost can also be used as the substitute of the mulch. Mulch is basically used as the layer over the plants to protect it against the climatic changes.

For using the compost as mulch you may be requiring the ample. Six inches of the layer of compost must be applied on the surface of the plants, shrubs, trees and the exposed slopes. This will lessen the growth of the weeds, also prevent against the erosion, attract the earthworms and help to retain the water in the soil.

Compost is also used as the potting mix. Make the mixture of compost with the soil, sand and voila. This mixture known as the potting mix now can be applied on the plants. Potting mixture requires the 1 part of sand, 1 to 2 parts of soil and 2 parts of compost to act in the better way.

You can use the heap of compost in numerous ways. Here are only mentioned some through which you can reap the benefits.

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