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When we talk about gardening the subject ranges from fruit orchards to long boulevard plantings. Gardening practitioners may specialize themselves in growing only one type of plant or they may also practice mixed plantings that involve many various plants.

Gardening requires active participation of the practitioner and it usually requires intensive works and discipline.
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Bonsai Trees: Plants and Shops

I have bonsai plant in my home. They are very adaptive and responsive. They change their position with the movement of light. Their stalks and braches bend towards light for ensuring the efficient photosynthesis and growth process.

The growth of my bonsai plants is incredibly quicker. I can cut the bonsai leaves and branches with the help of scissor and can give them any shape. They also have arial roots and hold the soil in their tiny pots.

Mini trees are very fascinating and attractive. They allow the biodiversity. Once I had found that there was a growth of mini creatures like fungi and snail near my bonsai plant’s pot.

These mini creatures are usually welcomed by over watering and unclean environment. That is the reason I always tries to trim my bonsai plant.

Bonsai plants are very precious and they are liked by many people. Bonsai plants not only add color to the room but also give the plenty of oxygen. They perform photosynthesis process and exhale the fresh air that can be enjoyed by the people.

Bonsai tree are very tough and they have power to survive even in extreme weathers. Bonsai plant can be watered so that it barks should remain wet and do not dry. This assures the health and safety of the plant.

As bonsai are the indoor plants, thus they should not be kept in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. So, when the bonsai plants are buried in the garden, people should take special care. They should make sure that the soil does not dry and sunlight is not directly hitting the bonsai plant.

I usually prefer the plantation of bonsai tree in the homes. They are amazing and have great fun. I can enjoy cutting them in different shapes and sizes.

The first and foremost step in growing the indoor bonsai tree is to gauge the species of the trees. People have to be aware about the climate and geographical location in which they have to plant the bonsai tree. As the weather condition is different at every place, therefore, the selection of the tree is also different for every location.

People can encounter the best results from the trees and plants when they have chosen the right one. Some people add the exotic species in their tree. This may have adverse impact on the growth of the indoor bonsai tree. They must have to wait for the proper development of the tree, before introducing the exotic species. 

Size is another important aspect to be considered before planting the indoor bonsai tree. People have to understand the different sizing phenomena and nature of same type of the bonsai tree. For this, they have to first analyze about the place at which they want to place their bonsai tree.

They must also consider that how much big plant they can afford at their home.

Once, selection of the size is done people can go to the nursery or the bonsai tree shop for purchasing the suitable tree for their home.

If there is no nursery or bonsai tree shop, they can buy the bonsai tree and plant it in their homes.

If people are starting from seeds then they have to plant these seeds in the seed bags. They have to wait until the seeds turn in to seedlings.

When seedlings are prepared, people have to take them out and have to transfer them in to pots. This is the tricky process and requires attention.

People have to take special care in transforming the seedlings. They must have to ensure that the roots are safely transferred to the small pots. While cutting some of the roots, mostly people kill the whole plant. The transforming process will require the people to place some wires in the roots of the bonsai plant.

These wires will support the plant to get fixed in the new pot. Put enough amount of soil in order to cover the bonsai plant’s root. This will help the roots to sustain the moisture. People must be cautious about adding the soil. They must not add excess soil. Right amount of soil over the roots are required.   

Bonsai are not the dwarfed plants, genetically. They can be created from any shrub or tree species. They remain small until people confine then till the pot. They have to prune them and keep them in shape. Almost all of the shrubs and trees species can be turned to the bonsai plants, with some care and training.

However, some rare trees and shrubs require special bonsai materials to be converted in to the bonsai plant. This is due to the fact that these trees and shrubs have appropriate requirement to be converted in to the smaller designs of the bonsai tree. 

There are many different methods of growing the bonsai tree. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Grafting
2. Cutting
3. Growing the bonsai tree from seeds
4. Air layering

Some of the bonsai tree gardens are located at the following places:

1. Bonsai trees are showing a great variety of different styles in Sydney, Australia.
2. Bonsai garden at pagoda Yunyan Ta (which is the Cloud Rock Pagoda, located at Suzhou, China)
3. Pine bonsai in the informal upright styles. These trees are more than thirty years old, located at Hidden Lake garden collection.

Bonsai have different styles based on their characteristics. Some of these are mentioned here in English. These are informal upright, semi-cascades, cascade, upright, raft, slant, group or forest, and literati.

People can try any of these above mentioned styles and designs in their home. They have to ensure proper care and attention for these indoor bonsai plant. These plants are very good decorative items. They are used to add special glory in their homes.

Diversify the homes with these beautiful creations and let the people amazed at collection. But, make sure special care is a fundamental in acquiring the indoor bonsai trees. So, be careful.

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